Meet Medicat's New CEO, Adam Cole

October 05, 2022

Adam-headshot-edited_300x300I couldn’t be more excited and humbled by the opportunity to lead Medicat.

I’m only a few weeks into my onboarding, and every day I learn something new about the Medicat team and our customers that impresses me. I’ve heard about so many of the pandemic-era challenges that your teams have encountered and overcome – from workflow changes to staffing shortages. I’ve learned about your passion for student health and efforts to scale the support your clinic provides to patients whose lives have been turned upside down in recent years. And I learned that, through it all (and often going back decades), your team and Medicat have formed an enduring partnership centered on a common goal – providing great health care. This unifying mission and this strong community is why I’m so excited to join the team. 

There is much more we can do. As you pivot from COVID “fire-fighting” efforts to plotting long term strategy for the provision of care, we know you are ever-focused on relieving the administrative burden that your teams experience every day. This burden manifests in myriad ways – from tedious data entry to manual scheduling to friction between the systems used to provide care.

As Medicat invests in innovation, you can be sure that every ounce of our effort is channeled to address these obstacles to make it easier for you to do your job. 

One example of this is Medicat One Counseling (M1C). It simply isn’t enough for counseling clinics to have a “system of record.” To provide quality care, counselors need tools that are adapted to the unique requirements of supporting mental health in a university setting. That’s why we co-created M1C with eight leading mental health clinics around the country. With this “practitioner-led” approach we can design tools that fit seamlessly into your work. The easier we can make the administrative elements of your job, the more time and actionable data you have to advance student health outcomes. 

In just a few months since launching, there are already 50 institutions using M1C. The feedback from customers thus far has been great, but the job is never done. You expect your tools to get better, to evolve, and to address new challenges your clinics are facing. Great, modern software companies embrace an agile approach that enables rapid development against emerging client needs. Look for Medicat to continue to release regular product updates, in pursuit of our collective aspiration for smart tools that make your job easier. Look, also, for Medicat to apply much of what we’ve learned with M1C to updated tools for medical clinics in the year ahead. 

I’m thrilled to be a part of such a great company, and energized by the mission of supporting great health care.

I look forward to talking with you soon!




Learn more about Medicat's change in leadership in the recent Press Release

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