Medicat Announces Enterprise Vaccine Verification Software & Managed Services

October 19, 2021

Preparing for the Corporate Vaccine Mandate

ATLANTA, October 19, 2021 /Business Wire/ – Medicat Announced Enterprise Vaccine Verification Software and Managed Services

Medicat announced today the availability of its world-class enterprise vaccine verification software and managed services to the enterprise market. Medicat’s solutions can rapidly assist large enterprises that are required to verify their employee’s COVID vaccine status.

Medicat is the leading Healthcare software company in College Health, with more than 25 years of serving the College and University Health Center market. For the past 15 years, colleges and universities have utilized Medicat’s industry-leading Vaccine Verification software platform to collect, verify and report on millions of vaccines. The Medicat One Immunization Compliance Management (ICM) software platform is now available to enterprises subject to new COVID vaccine mandates.

“We believe Medicat One ICM is the most modern Vaccine Verification software product on the market,” said Daryl Rolley, CEO. “Medicat’s ICM software has been used to verify more vaccines than any other Vaccine Verification software available today. It is battle-tested by our hundreds of customers who used it to verify millions of vaccines over more than fifteen years.”

Ten years ago, Medicat added Vaccine Verification Managed Services to its solution offering. Many of its customers prefer the Medicat team to verify their student and faculty/staff (employees) vaccine records. Over the past 10 years, Medicat’s managed services team verified many hundreds of thousands of vaccines. Over the past six months, Medicat’s team verified more than 150,000 COVID vaccines for both students and employees of its College/University customers. Medicat employs an expert staff of registered nurses who perform and deliver these services through its vaccine verification software. The ability to verify every employee’s vaccination record with Medicat’s on-staff clinicians dramatically reduces the health risks and liability associated with falsified vaccination records. 

“We now offer our industry-leading and highly secure Medicat One ICM software solution to enterprise companies, enabling us to provide vaccine verification managed services if our enterprise customers prefer us to do this,” said Rolley. “The GSA recently announced its COVID-19 Action plan that directs OSHA to issue an Emergency Temporary Standard (“ETS”) requiring vaccination or weekly testing of all employees, placing enterprises in the unfamiliar territory of vaccine verification. Vaccine verification is not new to Medicat. We specialize in this, and we are ready to partner with enterprise companies to ensure compliance moving forward. Medicat’s experience with vaccination verification allows us to provide consultative services that have reduced opt-out rates and increased vaccination adoption.”

About Medicat

Medicat is the leading provider of college health EHR software and delivers the latest cloud-based Vaccine Verification and fully-integrated Portal technology and intuitive design for an incomparable user experience. Medicat’s best-in-class vaccine verification technology streamlines the verification process with intuitive, cloud-based verification software or managed services and an employee portal that automates compliance checks, notifications, and reporting. Medicat’s hosted solution sets the industry standard – 99.99% Service Level Guarantee.

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